TMC nominates ex-bureaucrat Jawahar Sircar for Rajya Sabha by-election

Trinamool Congress Party led by Mamata Banerjee has nominated former Prasar Bharati CEO Jawahar Sircar to Rajya Sabha for the seat vacated by the party’s former leader Dinesh Trivedi.

The party took to its official Twitter handle on July 24 (Saturday) to inform they are sending Sircar to the upper house on its ticket.

“We are delighted to nominate Mr. @jawharsircar in the Upper House of the Parliament. Mr. Sircar spent nearly 42 years in public service & was also the former CEO of Prasar Bharati. His invaluable contribution to public service shall help us serve our country even better!” TMC tweeted.

Sircar has also served as the Culture Secretary.

Trivedi had resigned in February this year dramatically announcing his resignation in the middle of the Budget session.

Reacting to his nomination, Sircar said, “I was a bureaucrat. I am not a political person but I would work for the development of the people and raise the issues concerning the masses in parliament.”

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