Aashish Chandorkar named Director of India’s WTO mission

The Indian Government has chosen Aashish Chandorkar as ‘Counsellor’ in India’s Permanent Mission at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) for three years. 

While this appointment comes ahead of the WTO’s ministerial conference later this year, it is also the first time that a private individual has been appointed at the Mission.

India has been member from 1995 of the WTO, which is a 164-member multi-lateral body dealing with global trade. 

The Department of Commerce stated – in an order — that Aashish Chandorkar, a private person, had been appointed to the post of Councillor, Permanent Mission of India (PMI), World Trade Organisation (WTO), Geneva (at DS/Director level) for a period of three years,

Chandorkar is the director of Bengaluru-based policy think tank called “Smahi Foundation of Policy and Research.” 

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