Ted Cruz relieved after reports of Zodiac Killer found

Senator Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, responded to reports of a California serial killer known as the “Zodiac Killer” being recognized as Gary Francis Poste. The late Poste had allegedly committed five murders in the late 1960s. He had sent cryptic messages to the San Francisco Chronicle connected to zodiac signs, giving him the infamous nom de guerre.

“Thank God,” Cruz said in a GIF that featured Robert Downey Jr, on twitter.

Popular internet memes frame Cruz as the Zodiac Killer, which has left the senator stuck with the infamous connection. Downey was a star in the 2007 film Zodiac.

An investigative team of specialists claimed to have identified the alleged murderer, as reported earlier in October.

The group, including 40 former reporters, law enforcement investigators, and military intelligence officers, calls itself the Case Breakers, according to Fox News.

The Zodiac Killer is implicated in murders that occurred between 1968 and 1969 in the San Francisco area.

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that a cold case team made up of 40 former law enforcement investigators, journalists, and military intelligence officers known as ‘The Case Breakers’ named Gary F. Poste as the serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay area during the late 1960s and killed five people. Poste has also been linked to another murder from 1966, years before the first Zodiac killing was recorded.

The team managed to link Poste forensically to the killings and also uncovered photos from his darkroom which show that he had a similar facial scar that matched a sketch of the Zodiac killer. Some of the photos that were found dated back to 1963.

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