Bijay Biswaal’s ‘Pratimb’: Unbridled passion for painting

“I’m a self taught artist with a single minded devotion to make it big in the art world. Through my journey I painted a lot, read a lot about art, made a few mistakes but eventually fell in line due to my determination,” says Bijay Biswaal, a railway man with a passion for painting, his dedicated streak carrying his work to national and international levels.

This chic painter transforms ordinary settings wrapped within modern complexities making them extraordinary. The artist lets everything around inspire him, playing with elements of nature that pervade this beautiful planet, the soothing serene form of water being the strongest element that excites him. Art, literature and dance are the modes of self expression that enrich the human civilization and some need to fulfill their sense of aesthetics through the creative journey of painting.

Born amidst bountiful nature in the green lands of Orissa, Bijay started his journey as an artist while working for the Indian Railway at Nagpur. He incessantly felt the urge to paint thus working on his art work along with his job. The concept of a wet platform caught his attention acquiring him recognition for a painting of the same in 2011. Since then Bijay has never looked back, for years juggling his profession and passion and gaining mass critique and appreciation for his work.

‘Pratibimb’, an exhibition displaying his latest collection of art is an absolute delight, highlighting different settings in our everyday life with featured finesse. The exhibits are a series of expressions complementing the rural surroundings, a few named ‘Classic Steam’, ‘Wet Platform’ and ‘Pashupatinath’, each painting with powerful brush strokes that catch your attention and drape the harmony of warm and cool colors. A few of the pieces are completed with acrylic color on canvas and the rest with watercolor on paper. A stand out amongst his work is the portrait of ‘Durga’, a conceptual blend of dark and light featuring Maa Durga in all her forms along with her bearings.

Bijay believes that for an artist every medium of material is important but a basic paper and pencil is enough to conceive great art. He actively encourages students to discover their artistic and creative skills, never putting a stop to the process of learning and at last being your own critic. Bijay has been the toast of the art world, his biggest high so far is being felicitated by the prime minister and praised for his work before a nation of billions.

Bijay, through his quaint rendezvous, has changed the way a self taught artist is looked at by the art world. “Art is a perennial journey for the artist where the journey itself is the destination. An artist can influence the thinking of a generation, gathering memorabilia on the way” quotes a man with a dynamic flow of creativity which flourishes best when let loose, untamed, unhindered and unchartered.

Ishani Chatterjee, The Hindu

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