NLP coach Yashica makes a case for women empowerment

Yashica Jalhotra — a renowned NLP practitioner, a motivational speaker, a personal happiness coach, columnist and founder of Quantum of happiness — strongly believes in the power of human mind and women empowerment.

The woman, always full of opportunities, fun and enthusiasm has set her own niche as an NLP trainer and Law of Attraction coach in India. Her determination to excel in whatever she does has made her what she has become today in this male-dominated industry.

Being a journalist for past 15 years, the coach believes that every human being has a purpose in life. Some people realise the purpose early, some realize it in last years of their lives and some never realize it at all.

While she has reached the masses in India and abroad to help them get rid of diseases, fears, stress and negative over thinking loops, Yashica also wants to equip each one of them with super powerful and highly useful tools of human excellence- NLP, Law of Attraction and Meditation, which she believes are the shortcut to success, money and confidence.

Being a woman of substance, she believes “What you thinketh you become”

 Yashica Jalhotra, who lives in New Delhi has helped people around the world transform their health, relationships and financial status through her columns, videos, workshops, live events, personal coaching and Whatsapp programs.

The personal coach, famous for creating a whole new mindset towards life has helped thousands of people manifest their desires.

Also called as ‘life savior’ – the name given by some of her clients since she made a shift in their lives and helped them cut thoughts of suicidal attempts.

Through her programs, Yashica keeps on adding people in the Unstoppable League.

She has an amazing ability to overcome all hurdles and challenges. Hardships of her life had made her even stronger and when the tough time comes, she keeps on moving on her track with just two things — The Unshakable Belief in her Capabilities and Trust in the Universe.

Being an NLP coach, she helps people tap their own subconscious mind to achieve highest levels of health and success in their lives. She help people get rid of any fear/phobia, painful memories, addictions like smoking, nail-biting, mobile etc; psychosomatic diseases like BP, diabetes, migraine and stress so that they live the life they deserve- a happy, confident and content life.

She is a ray of hope to trust and to endure as she can erase subconscious patterns of failure, depression and anxiety and re-imprint patterns of wellness, confidence, happiness and positivity in you. She will help you feel your worries, sorrow, and pain leaving you and flowing in the air.

Her program has benefited many students, job seekers, businessmen, housewives and individuals.

I got rid of chronic back pain in just one subconscious re-imprinting session of Yashica. Now I can easily bend and move around with ease. I am so thankful to her,” said Sarabjit Singh (one of her client)

Yashica is healing people with Neuro-Linguistic Programming that can direct the human mind towards growth, prosperity, money, happiness and desired relationships.

Being a Law of Attraction expert she has helped many people manifest their desired life. Her workshops and sessions combine very deep and relaxed meditations, scientific tools & techniques and many other proven processes and applications. Her participants have manifested dreams homes, career and jobs of their choices.

“Time had never been a problem with me,” says the multitasker Yashica.

“We all have 24 hours. If Bill Gates and Tony Robbins can excel within this time frame why can’t we,” she adds.

“Time never limits me or stops me to do what I want to do. I have programmed myself in such a way that I easily spare quality time for my family, coachings, mentoring people, networking, workshops, writings and for myself. I love my work and that keeps me motivated to do more and more,” replies Yashica when asked how she performs so many roles in a day.

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